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Our Community

Roxburgh and the Teviot Valley is a vibrant community, where positive attitudes prevail and people work together to achieve common goals and participate in community life.  It's social base comprises a solid foundation of families with a strong sense of place and well established networks.

The community agrees that Roxburgh and the Teviot Valley is a great place to raise children. There are a range of sport and recreation opportunities including rugby and netball, both of which the area does really well in. There are also a range of music and dance groups including a well recognised brass band.

Economically, there is a strong, well established primary sector and the horticulture industry in particular has a nation-wide reputation for producing delicious, high quality fruit, especially apricots. The Valley gets many travellers passing through on State Highway 8 and two New Zealand Cycle Trails will bring many recreational users to the area.

As well, the community has a beautifully restored theatre and recently refurbished town hall with a commercial kitchen.

Roxburgh and the Teviot Valley seem to always have events, projects and activities on the go.  Below are just some of the aspects that contribute to community life in Roxburgh.

community projects
The Teviot Valley is a hive of activity when it comes to working together for the good of the community. 
local events
Like other rural communities in New Zealand the Teviot Valley community runs a number of community events that showcase the skills and expertise of the people who live here.
Community facilities
Roxburgh and the Teviot Valley boast a number of facilities available for community use.  Click below for more information on our library, theatre, museum and more.

education and training
There are a number of educational facilities within Roxburgh and the Teviot Valley that will cater to your childs every need.
emergency services
There are a number of emergency services within Roxburgh and the Teviot Valley to help our community be safe.
Explore our churches and church communties within Roxburgh and the Teviot Valley.

There are a variety of clubs within Roxburgh and the Teviot Valley that cater to different interests. To see what clubs there are  in the Teviot Valley, click below.
community organisations
There are a number of community organisations that work towards offering services to our community.  If you would like to volunteer or take part in these organisations, click below to see what we have on offer.
health and wellness
Roxburgh and the Teviot Valley provide health and wellness services to the area.  To see what is available in our area, please click below.

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